Culture Days hosts hundreds of events in Manitoba

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WINNIPEG – Hundreds of activities are taking place this weekend in Manitoba for Culture Days.

“Anything from visual art, music, theatre, story telling, dance, all sorts of events are happening across Manitoba from as far north as Churchill, as far south as Plum Coulee, and of course Winnipeg,” said Melissa Courcelles, Culture Days organizer.

A total of 355 free events will take place in Manitoba over the weekend and thousands more across Canada.


“It’s very multicultural, it exposes all different types of culture,” said Courcelles.

Like bee keeping, what some call a hidden culture that many don’t get an opportunity to see.

“You would never have the opportunity in the real world, people don’t generally go into a beehive unless they’re a bee keeper,” said Veronica Larmour, a recreational beekeeper.

Artists also left their private studios to set up shop in public spaces, showcasing their talents and answering questions from visitors.

“They come around, they want to know what I’m doing, we talk about the clay,” said artist Bill Shoup.

Nearly 2,000 Winnipeggers also spent Saturday filtering through the Etsy handmade craft market, a part of culture days.

“The important part is that people are able to make a connection with the person that made the item for them,” said Ruth Smith, Etsy ‘Made in Canada’ Manitoba.

“I’d rather buy local and from someone who’s trying to grow a business than buy from a big store, so it’s good to help out,” said Jenna Gordon, a customer at the Etsy market.

The fifth annual culture days includes Saturday night’s popular Nuit Blanche event and will then wrap up Sunday night.

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Fishing boat with 7 people on board overturns off Galiano Island

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VANCOUVER – Five children and two adults are recovering today after a late-night rescue.

Just after 8 p.m. Monday night a 30-foot fishing vessel with the seven people on board overturned two miles off Galiano Island, close to Valdes Island.

“The people aboard had a handheld radio, that’s why this story is ending so well,” said acting Acting Sub-Lt. Ron MacDougall from Canadian Forces Base Comox.


A hovercraft, two BC Ferries, the Canadian Coast Guard, and auxiliary vessels all responded. The first to get there was hovercraft from Sea Island in Richmond and all seven were pulled to safety.

Acting Captain Tom Moxey with Canadian Coast Guard says the family departed from Delta and was headed for Kelsey Bay to relocate their home.

They had all of their home belongings on board.

Moxey says when the coast guard arrived, the family was scattered around in the water, hanging on to whatever they could grab.

The boat was almost fully submerged.

The occupants were in the water for about 45 minutes to an hour and suffered mild to moderate hypothermia.

“If this was winter time, it would have been different,” says Moxey.

Shortly after that the Fast Rescue Craft from the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue Station 29 was on scene, the Coast Guard Lifeboat Cape Naden arrived. Both vessels searched for the overturned boat and any pollution in the water. The semi-submerged vessel was found and the RCMSAR 29 crew towed it to a safe harbour while the Cape Naden worked to recover floating debris.

It’s still unclear how the incident happened.

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‘It really is honestly a dream come true’: Little Warriors founder on opening of Be Brave Ranch

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Watch above: The Little Warriors’ Be Brave Ranch officially opened its doors to the first group of children earlier this month. On Saturday, the public had its first look inside. Hundreds turned out for the grand opening of the facility, an event that’s been a long time in the making. Quinn Ohler reports. 

EDMONTON — After nearly seven years of planning, a ranch outside of Edmonton dedicated to helping children who have been sexually abused has opened its doors.



    Location picked for Little Warriors’ Be Brave Ranch

  • New hope for ranch dedicated to helping young victims of sexual abuse

  • Sex offender Graham James can apply for full parole

  • Theo Fleury begins walk to change child sexual abuse laws

    “I thought I’d be a lot more teary-eyed today, but I’m just smiley,” said Glori Meldrum, founder of Little Warriors, a national organization focused on preventing child sexual abuse.

    Little Warriors’ Be Brave Ranch, the first long-term treatment centre of its kind in Canada, opened earlier this month. Community members gathered Saturday to celebrate its grand opening and tour the facility.

    “Seeing the first group of kids come to the ranch – hugging them and eating lunch with them, just seeing them doing better after a couple of weeks – it really is honestly a dream come true,” said Meldrum.

    READ MORE: Little Warriors seeks to build Be Brave Ranch

    Built on 120 acres of land about 40 minutes outside of Edmonton, the Be Brave Ranch is a 60,000 square-foot facility offering specialized treatment to young sexual abuse victims. Children will spend three weeks at the ranch, then come back three separate times throughout the year for one week; out-patient care is also provided.

    “We have play therapy, equine therapy, group therapy; we have a yoga room and a movie room. So not only therapy, we’ve also got all these other things [so] that kids can be kids,” explained Meldrum.

    The road to the grand opening of the ranch wasn’t smooth, though. While the project received $50,000 in government funding a few years ago, Little Warriors relied heavily on public donations to fund the facility.

    “That’s Albertans, right? There’s a lot of people that love these kids that have been violated and hurt, and so Albertans always do the right thing and stand together,” said Meldrum.

    READ MORE: Opening of Alberta’s Be Brave Ranch delayed

    So far, the organization has raised more than $2 million to fund treatment for 100 children during the first year.

    “The more places we have like this, the more places people can go and heal and go on to live happy, healthy, productive lives,” said former NHL player Theo Fleury, who was sexually abused by disgraced hockey coach Graham James in the 1980s.

    “I used to be one of those little guys and you know, I’m blessed and fortunate to have been able to get through it.”

    Little Warriors is hoping to raise more funds by selling naming rights to each room at the ranch.

    The next group of children arrives at the Be Brave Ranch in mid-October.

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Liberal cabinet minister endorses John Tory for mayor of Toronto

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WATCH: David Zimmer, MPP for Willowdale, gave his endorsement Monday morning to Toronto mayoral candidate John Tory.

TORONTO – Cabinet minister David Zimmer added his name to the growing list of people endorsing John Tory for mayor.

The MPP, standing beside Tory, made the announcement Monday morning at a short press conference at the mayoral candidate’s headquarters.



  • Doug Ford makes gains but John Tory still leads: Poll

  • Poll shows frontrunner Tory leads in Ford Nation territory

    “What we need as a province and what my constituents need in Willowdale… is a responsible partner that the province can work with to sort out and to solve all of the challenges that Toronto faces,” Zimmer said.

    Zimmer, the MPP for Willowdale and minister of aboriginal affairs, named congestion, transportation and development as some of Toronto’s most pressing issues.

    Zimmer joins Scarborough-Centre MPP Brad Duguid as cabinet members who have endorsed Tory.

    Tory, speaking on CP24, shortly after the press conference finished, said Zimmer’s endorsement sends the message that only he can work with the province to build transit.

    The endorsement comes the same day a poll by Mainstreet Technologies, a new firm which also does work for politicians, concluded recent candidate Doug Ford was gaining support.

    WATCH: The latest poll on the Toronto mayoral race tells us that John Tory is still in front – with Doug Ford trailing in second.

    Ford’s support, according to Monday’s poll, suggested Ford had 30 per cent support among Toronto voters, up seven points from a poll by the same company last week.

    But the poll is at odds with a Ipsos Reid poll for Global News released Friday which gave Tory a 22 over both Ford and Olivia Chow with 48 per cent support.

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At least 12 killed in worst east Ukraine shelling in a week

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ABOVE: A giant statue of Lenin was pulled down by jubilant crowds in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv on September 28

KYIV, Ukraine – Eastern Ukraine has suffered the worst violence in more than a week as fighting between pro-Russian rebels and government troops in the region killed at least 12 people and wounded 32, officials said Monday.

Col. Andriy Lysenko told journalists in a briefing in Kyiv on Monday that at least nine troops had been killed in a day and 27 had been wounded.


Meanwhile, the city council of Donetsk said in a statement published online that at least three civilians were killed and five wounded in overnight shelling of a residential area in the northern part of the city, where fighting has centred on the government-held airport.

Violence has continued despite a cease-fire declared on Sept. 5. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has been at pains to insist to a skeptical audience at home that his peace plan is working.

Since fighting began in April, the conflict has claimed at least 3,500 lives. On Sept. 20, representatives of Russia, Ukraine, and the rebels signed another agreement that would require both sides to remove all heavy artillery from the frontline, creating a buffer zone that would allow the cease-fire to be better enforced.

On Sunday, in the second-largest Ukrainian city, Kharkiv, nationalists tore down an enormous statue of Vladimir Lenin to cheers from the crowd. Across Ukraine, people have torn down statues to the former Communist leader in a symbolic display of anti-Russian sentiment.

The authorities in Kharkiv supported the move. Arsen Avakov, Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs and a Kharkiv native, wrote on his 苏州美甲美睫培训论坛 page: “Lenin? Let him fall… As long as nobody gets hurt.”

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Second-grade student claims beaten on South Shore school bus

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LACOLLE, Que. —; A South Shore mother is seeking justice for her eight-year-old son.

She told Global News that the boy was bullied and beaten up on the school bus by a group of teenagers.

All sides agree something happened, but the bus driver and the school board said they believe the boy may have injured himself.

“I kept asking ‘What happened? What happened?’ and he was crying so hard and he said ‘I hurt so bad,’ and my daughter said he got beat up by teenagers,” said Chantale Couture.

The mother of two was horrified to see her son come home from school last Wednesday, covered with red marks and clearly upset.

“He said he was playing loud with his toys and the teenager told him to shut up and he didn’t shut up,” she said.

“I guess so the teenager was tired of hearing him being loud and hit him.”

WATCH: Zachary told his mother at least two teenagers hit him

His sister witnessed the incident from the front of the bus, and even managed to capture some video on camera before she was told to stop recording.

“They wouldn’t let me take the video then they all got mad and I started crying because I wanted to help my brother and I couldn’t,” said Zachary’s 10-year-old sister, who insisted the bus driver never stopped to help her brother.

Zachary has ADHD and his mother is the first to admit he’s a handful.

But what upsets her the most is that the bus driver and the school principal apparently told her the injuries were self-inflicted.

Zachary told his mother at least two teenagers hit him.

provided by Chantal Couture



  • Quebec police arrest 2 teens as Riverside School Board denies allegations of school bus bullying

  • How Canadian schools are fighting bullying on the bus

  • How are Montreal-area schools helping students to deal with bullying?

    “You can see the marks on his face if you looked at him it’s impossible for the bus driver not to see that,” said Couture, who has filed a police report.

    “Why would he lie? And especially those marks, these are not self-inflicted marks. It’s horrible,” she said while looking at the pictures she took after the incident.

    But the owner of the bus driving company has a different version of events.

    “We didn’t see anyone giving him a hard time but himself,” said Mario Racine of Autobus Racine in Lacolle, who insists the driver did stop the bus until Zachary calmed down.

    “I acknowledge the fact that Zachary came back from his route in a poor shape and I feel sorry for that,” said Racine.

    “But it’s complicated.”

    The Riverside School Board is investigating the incident and apparently the teenagers who were on the bus that day have already been questioned.

    READ MORE: Quebec police arrest 2 teens as Riverside School Board denies allegations of school bus bullying

    Zachary’s family insisted he was hurt by others.

    “They did a lot of things to him and he doesn’t deserve it, he’s only eight and they’re like 16, 17,” said his sister.

    Zachary’s mother wants someone to be held accountable, and said despite his sometimes disruptive behaviour, she was convinced her son is the victim in this case.

    “I’m terrified, I don’t want to send him back to school.”

    “Especially if he has to get back on that bus,” said Couture

    “Unfortunately for us it’s the only English school in our district.”

    The school board’s Director General Sylvain Racette has agreed to sit down with Global News on Tuesday to explain their version of what happened and what they plan to do about it.

    Watch: School board addresses bus bullying

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Jane Fonda opens up about Canadian mother’s sex abuse, suicide

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TORONTO —; Jane Fonda made headlines this week after she opened up to an audience of activists and philanthropists in California about her Canadian mother’s sexual abuse and suicide.

But it wasn’t the first time Fonda talked about her mother’s pain.


In a video recorded in 2012 to support Eve Ensler’s 1 Billion Rising campaign, Fonda revealed her mother was sexually abused when she was 8 years old.

“It damaged her life forever,” the actress said. “She was never able to really love or not to feel guilty.”

Fonda also said her mother Frances Ford Seymour killed herself at 42 “and those two things are related.”

READ MORE: Pamela Anderson reveals she was molested as a child, raped in her teens

At an event on Sept. 28 in Beverly Hills marking the 40th anniversary of the Rape Treatment Center, Fonda explained she learned about her mother’s sexual abuse while reviewing medical records.

“The minute that I read that, everything fell into place,” Fonda recalled. “I knew why the promiscuity, the endless plastic surgery, the guilt, the inability to love or be intimate, and I was able to forgive her and forgive myself.”

Fonda, 76, was introduced at the Beverly Hills luncheon by her friend and 9 to 5 co-star Lily Tomlin. Toronto-born actor Eric McCormack was another speaker at the event.

Seymour, who was born in Brockville, Ont. in 1908, was the second wife of actor Henry Fonda. According to Jane Fonda’s 2005 memoir My Life So Far, Seymour had a history of mental illness. She took her life —; when Jane was only 12 —; while a patient at a mental health facility in Beacon, New York.

“Mother wrote six notes,” Fonda recalled in the book. “Then she went into her bathroom … carefully withdrew the razor she’d managed to keep hidden, and cut her throat.”

If you, a family member or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, or you believe they may be suffering from severe depression and/or anxiety, there are many organizations available to help including the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention. 

– with files by The Associated Press

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WATCH: Okanagan Man Commemorates Important War Milestone

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It was a devastating conflict that helped shape Canada’s identity.

The first world war began 100 years ago and many people are taking part in events commemorating the anniversary.

One Okanagan man has a personal reason for participating.

John Graves’ grandfather fought in the Great war and he wants to learn more about it.

He also wants to pay tribute to his grandfather and other Canadian soldiers by going back in time and re-tracing their steps in a special pilgrimage.


A pilgrimage that will commemorate the first major battle his grandfather’s batallion fought in.

“I am hoping to connect on some level with spirit of my grandfather and walking a mile in his shoes so to speak,” says Graves.

Graves has been spending quite a bit of time at the Kelowna military museum.

The Vernon man is learning more about the conflict and the brave efforts of his grandfather, Lieutenant James Rodgers.

Unlike 68, 000 Canadian soldiers, Rodgers survived the conflict.

“When I was a child I recall seeing a couple of bullet wounds when we were at the beach in the summer like a lot of vets he did not speak to me about the service,” says Graves.

With the 100th anniversary of the war, Graves is hoping to attend ceremonies that will commemorate the first major battle his grandfather’s battalion fought in in Belgium and France.

“I absolutely can’t wait for the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of my grandfather to see some of the sights that will still be there, some of the buildings, to meet the locals and hear their stories. I am looking forward to the emotional roller coaster that I will experience there,” says Graves.

It’s already been an emotional roller coaster for Graves as he researches the war.

He’s learned about some of the unimaginable hardships his grandfather went through including being subjected to poisonous gas that used for the first time ever in military warfare.

“It was a horrific, horrific war. It was fought toe to toe. There was a lot of artillery but there was a lot of hand to hand combat,” says Graves.

Graves plans on gathering more of this kind of information abroad and sharing it all upon his return to the Okanagan.

“We owe it to them . We no longer have any veterans from world war one still living with us so I kind of feel a sense of personal responsibility to certainly perpetuate the legacy within my own family and share that legacy with other Canadians, says Graves.

John Graves hopes to travel to Europe in April.

He’s looking for moral and financial support.

He hopes to return the favour by doing a power point presentation about his experience when he returns.

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Blood donations decline, family hosts drive to boost numbers

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WINNIPEG – A shortage of blood donations is sweeping across Canada as nearly half the people who make blood-donor appointments don’t show up.

A Winnipeg mom said she can’t imagine the fear families must feel when they are in a hospital room, waiting for blood to arrive.

Jennifer Wityshin’s son, Rylan, was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer when he was one.  He needed eight units of blood a week while undergoing treatment, which means 416 people donated blood to keep his one-year fight going.


“I remember sitting in the hospital with Rylan and he needed blood, and they would call and we’d have to wait a few hours. So I could never imagine being a parent knowing that your child needs blood so badly and being told, ‘You have to wait, we have to see if we can get it,’ ” Wityshin said.

Wityshin created Ribbons for Rylan when her son passed away in January 2012 at the age of two. She fundraises to help other families going through the same things her family went through and hosts events to help organizations that worked to save Rylan.

Ribbons for Rylan and Canadian Blood Services hosted a blood drive at 777 William Ave. Monday, in hopes of getting more people through the door and rolling up a sleeve.

“Our goal was not only to get people out there donating blood but also to let them know why they need to donate blood,” Wityshin said.

Canadian Blood Services is currently seeing roughly half of scheduled appointments turn into no-shows.

There is a shortage of every blood type.

“Per week, we’re looking at about 550 units that we need to collect. That’s about 600 people coming in every week to maintain our blood levels,” Canadian Blood Services’ Patricia Bal said.

By the end of October, the organization needs a couple thousand units in order to meet requirements.

“We still need to fill 2,000 appointments. The need is there, but we’re finding people are making appointments but not necessarily coming in or cancelling,” Bal explained.

It’s a problem from coast to coast. Nationally, 133,000 people have not shown up for appointments and 119,000 have cancelled.

Donating blood takes about one hour. First you have to fill out a survey, then a nurse pricks your finger, then you head to a screening area, where they check your blood pressure and levels.

Then it’s off to the chair where a nurse hooks your arm up to the system, taking blood.

“It takes an hour out of your day every couple of months. I think everyone should be doing this; there might be a day when I need it,” donor Joan Saladin said.

“I’m going to be talking to my family and friends and trying to get more people out here,” donor Jill Taylor Brown said.

A donor can give blood once every 56 days.

You are not able to give blood if you have had dental work recently, a tattoo or piercing in the last six months, and other possible health conditions can also restrict you from donating.

For more information on if you can donate, or to make an appointment, you can call 1-888-2-donate.

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Blackhawks skate away with easy 5-0 win over Oilers

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SASKATOON – Kale Kessy hopes to one day provide the grit the Edmonton Oilers have been missing from their lineup in recent years.

Kessy tried to show what he can do playing left wing for the Oilers in 5-0 loss to the Chicago Blackhawks on Sunday in pre-season action.

He rocked Blackhawks defenceman David Rundblad to the ice in the second period, which drew a lot of cheers from the 10,303 onlookers in attendance at Saskatoon’s Credit Union Centre, and a couple more crowd-pleasing hits followed from the second-year pro.


“I just have to play my role,” said Kessy. “I just have to keep it simple and finish my checks.”

“Kale has had a good training camp,” said Oilers coach Dallas Eakins. “He is a kid that worked extremely hard this summer on his strength, his conditioning, his speed…He has worked a ton on his skating, and he has come a long, long way, and he has moved himself up the depth chart. We like the way he fights for every shift, and he is just trying to stay another day right now.”

Scott Darling made 26 saves to earn the shutout in goal for the Blackhawks.

Garrett Ross and Teuvo Teravainen scored 54 seconds apart in the second period to give Chicago (2-2) a 3-0 lead. Bryan Bickel scored in the first period, while Andrew Shaw and Kris Versteeg rounded out the scoring for the Blackhawks in the third.

Richard Backman made 17 stops in goal for the Oilers (2-2).

Kessy knows the Oilers aren’t looking at him for his offensive ability. Last season, he collected two goals, four assists and 88 penalty minutes playing 54 games with the Oklahoma City Barons in the American Hockey League.

The six-foot-three, 212-pound grinder spent most of his four seasons in the Western Hockey League with the Medicine Hat Tigers and often found himself watching because of league discipline. The Tigers traded him to the Vancouver Giants early in the 2012-13 season after he received a 12-game suspension for a head hit he delivered to Lethbridge Hurricanes defenceman Ryan Pilon.

It was Kessy’s seventh suspension of his major junior career, which also turned out to be his last suspension at that level as he found his balance with his physical play.

The power forward was later dealt to the Kamloops Blazers during that final major junior campaign, as the Blazers were loading up for a long playoff run.

In his overage season, Kessy piled up a 106 penalty minutes in 60 games, which marked the fourth year in a row he eclipsed the century mark for penalty minutes in a season. He also, finally, showed an offensive touch in that season, posting 21 goals and 22 assists.

For the moment, Kessy is trying to extend his stay as long as possible with Edmonton. He knows he has to focus on what he can control to convince the team’s management to keep him on their NHL roster.

“It is up to the brass to decide,” said Kessy. “I just have to go out every day and work hard every day like I can. Everything else will take care of itself.”

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