Jets fans hoping for playoffs this season

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WINNIPEG- They say third time’s a charm, but it’s the fourth season that Winnipeg Jets fans are hoping is the one where the team finally makes the playoffs.

“We’ve got great expectations for the Jets,” said loyal fan Janelle Desrochers. “Hopefully the crowd will get them pumped up to win some more games and get us in the playoffs.”

But how much can they really expect?


“We can say we’re going to deliver this year, and we’re going to compete,” said head coach Paul Maurice. “We’re going to play an exciting very, very aggressive brand of hockey.”

While the Winnipeg team has not yet made a playoff appearance, the excitement is still there. According to the club, ticket sales have stayed steady compared to last year, but are still easier to get than during the Jets frenzy in the first couple of seasons.

For the first time, Jets fans can purchase regular season tickets well in advance. The extra tickets have become available from the lottery system. Right now you can buy them up until December, then you’ll be able to purchase tickets from January to April.

“This allows a little more planning and fans to target a little bit more the games that they’re looking for,” said Scott Brown of Jets communications.

The first regular season game is just over a week away. Win or lose, most fans will still be tuned in for every game, and players know they’re in the spotlight.

“You’re excited to play in front of all these fans,” said Adam Lowry. “They’re all cheering and you know when they say ‘true north’ during Oh Canada then the building erupts and you kind of get chills down your spine.”

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