Family asks for help in search for missing Calgary man

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WATCH ABOVE: As Tracy Nagai reports , the family and friends of Justin Mckinnon-Blomme have been canvassing several communities in hopes of bringing him home.

CALGARY – Volunteers are hoping to help find a a 21-year-old Calgary man missing since last week.

Justin McKinnon-Blomme was last seen by the Mac’s Convenience Store near the intersection of Southland Drive and Fairmount Drive S.E. on September 24th.


His family has not heard from him since, and say they are worried because its out of character for him to just disappear.

On Sunday, they organized a search in the community of Midnapore, where pamphlets with Blomme’s photo were handed out.

Blomme is about 5’10” tall, 140 pounds and was wearing a black jacket and dark jeans.

“He was looking forward to going back to work on Friday. We had gone to lunch on Tuesday, he had texted me even the day before saying he was doing great, you know, ready for the day feeling really good,” said Karleen Thibeault, Justin’s mom.

Justin had gone out for a night of drinking with friends, who say he got out of the car as it stopped at a red light.

“All that we’ve heard is that he got out of the car and just started walking away. so we don’t know any real details on why he got out, if there was an argument there, where he exactly was heading, if he had said anything we don’t really know,” Thibeault said.

Two days later, his co-workers showed up at his house in Shawnessy to pick him up, but no one was there.

Josh Rhodes, Justin’s brother said he thought Justin might just be late for work.

“So I just thought I would call him up and he would answer because he always answers me but he never answered,” Rhodes said.

Justin works as an arborist in various locations throughout the province. His family says he loves his job and he’s never disappeared like this before.

“The police say there haven’t been any transactions in his bank account, no cabs have seen him, even the bars he frequented the managers are concerned. They know him and like him so they’ve kind of posted stuff everywhere,” Thibeault said.

“We don’t have any reason to believe that he has met with any foul play,”  said Micheal Waterston of Calgary Police. “At this point, we just want to make sure that he’s okay.”

Despite trying to keep a positive outlook, the strain of not knowing has started to take its toll on family.

“It’s stressful and I’m a little scared. It’s been really difficult for all of us for my husband and my kids and my family but I’m lucky to have a really good group of family and friends,” Thibeault said.

So far there have been several tips from the public and the canvassing will continue with the hope of bringing Justin home.

If you’ve seen him or know of his whereabouts you’re asked to call police.

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