Customer says he found maggots in his Tim Hortons coffee cup

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WINNIPEG – A Tim Hortons customer says he allegedly found maggots in his coffee.

Lance Harper ordered his usual at a Tim Hortons on Thursday, a coffee with two creams and one sweetener, but says he got an added surprise.

Harper says he found maggots in the coffee he bought from the Tim Hortons at Portage Place.

“I tasted a maggot going down my throat, it wasn’t pleasant. I had that pungent after taste after, it’s gross,” said Harper.


Harper says he drank three quarters of the coffee before making the alleged discovery.

“When I opened the lid my first reaction was oh gross, like I must have yelled a profanity,” said Harper.

So Harper and his partner took the cup and suspected fly larvae back to the Portage Place location to inform the manager.

“My initial reaction was so visceral, it just sickened me and then I’m looking down at the cup I have on the go in the car and thinking oh no,” said Harper’s partner, Donna-Lynn Baskin.

Harper says the manager offered him another coffee as compensation but Harper declined.

It isn’t know yet how the maggots allegedly got into the coffee cup, but after Harper filed a complaint with Manitoba Health they say they are investigating, stating, “If there is evidence that there is a possible risk to the public based on conditions or procedures, they would require corrective action immediately.”

Harper says someone from Tim Hortons head office called him on Friday after Global News had repeatedly tried contacting Tim Hortons for a comment. Harper says they told him they’re taking the complaint very seriously and have begun an investigation.

Late this afternoon, the fast food giant issued a statement to Global News calling it an isolated incident and saying an audit is underway at the Portage Place Tim Hortons.  The company added, there’s no indication of an infestation at that location, and the company has significant control measures in place to assure the safety of customers.

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