Culture Days hosts hundreds of events in Manitoba

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WINNIPEG – Hundreds of activities are taking place this weekend in Manitoba for Culture Days.

“Anything from visual art, music, theatre, story telling, dance, all sorts of events are happening across Manitoba from as far north as Churchill, as far south as Plum Coulee, and of course Winnipeg,” said Melissa Courcelles, Culture Days organizer.

A total of 355 free events will take place in Manitoba over the weekend and thousands more across Canada.


“It’s very multicultural, it exposes all different types of culture,” said Courcelles.

Like bee keeping, what some call a hidden culture that many don’t get an opportunity to see.

“You would never have the opportunity in the real world, people don’t generally go into a beehive unless they’re a bee keeper,” said Veronica Larmour, a recreational beekeeper.

Artists also left their private studios to set up shop in public spaces, showcasing their talents and answering questions from visitors.

“They come around, they want to know what I’m doing, we talk about the clay,” said artist Bill Shoup.

Nearly 2,000 Winnipeggers also spent Saturday filtering through the Etsy handmade craft market, a part of culture days.

“The important part is that people are able to make a connection with the person that made the item for them,” said Ruth Smith, Etsy ‘Made in Canada’ Manitoba.

“I’d rather buy local and from someone who’s trying to grow a business than buy from a big store, so it’s good to help out,” said Jenna Gordon, a customer at the Etsy market.

The fifth annual culture days includes Saturday night’s popular Nuit Blanche event and will then wrap up Sunday night.

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