College Ave reopens as construction season wraps up

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REGINA – The city undertook about 70 road construction projects this summer with some of them taking just a day or two but others stretching over many months.

The major projects have wrapped up but a few are still causing some delays.

“I drive up in the north-end between 1st Avenue and 9th Avenue North and I’ve seen a lot of construction in the last few days,” said James Park, a Regina school bus driver. “It’s definitely winding down but it’s still prevalent.”


Although construction is ongoing in some areas, most of the major projects are complete including the project on College Avenue, which wrapped up Friday.

Parts of the road were closed since mid-June, making it more of a challenge to travel across town.

“It’s very difficult from the airport to east side,” said a taxi driver Friday afternoon at the Regina International Airport. “Especially during the rush hour, traffic is a struggle, otherwise it’s not bad.”

One of the biggest projects was paving the well-traveled north section of the Ring Road. The last time that section was completely repaved was at least 15 years ago.

“We had lots of work done. We had record amount spent on roads this year and I think from the comments we got, people were pleased with what has gone on,” said Mayor Michael Fougere. The city spent at least $18 million on road work this year.

This weekend, a couple of smaller road construction projects will restrict traffic on Prince of Wales Drive as well as the ring road between Dewdney Avenue and Albert Street.

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