BlackBerry reports receiving 200,000 orders for Passport smartphone

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TORONTO – BlackBerry has received 200,000 orders for its new square-shaped Passport smartphone, according to chief executive officer John Chen.

Chen revealed the first sales figures on the device Friday during a conference call. Chen said the pace of the orders is ahead of recent device sales and added he expects the company will see a revenue bump from the device.


The Waterloo, Ont.-based company launched the Passport Wednesday. The device is being marketed as a business solution for the company’s enterprise users – a group that makes up about 30 per cent of all mobile phone users, according to Chen.

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Passport sold out on both BlackBerry’s website and Amazon苏州美甲美睫培训 on the day of its release.

On Friday, the smartphone maker reported financial results that showed some improvement, but further challenges to overcome.

BlackBerry posted a loss of $207 million in its second quarter, or 39 cents per share, compared with a net loss of US$965 million or $1.84 per share a year earlier.

While 200,000 orders may seem modest in comparison to competitors like Apple (whose most recent smartphones earned $10 million in the first weekend of sales), it’s a promising sign for the ailing smartphone maker.

BlackBerry is focused on winning back support from its enterprise customers before it begins chasing companies like Apple for consumer market share.

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“I need to base our recapturing of the enterprise customers for this company to get back on track financially. I am by no means suggesting that this is the only thing that we’re going to do,” Chen said during a roundtable meeting at the company’s headquarters.

“Over time I definitely would love to reach everyday people, but it’s too early for us right now. One thing at a time.”

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