An extra weekend of sun as Montreal sees higher than usual temperatures

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Watch above: Montrealers are getting a rare extra weekend of summer with higher than usual temperatures expected this weekend. Billy Shields has more.

MONTREAL – This Saturday was one of the most glorious in recent memory and Montrealers across the island were quick to take advantage of the beautiful sun and soak up the summery weather.

“I was surprised,” said 10-year-old Steph Zubrowski.

“It’s like July all over again.”


On Lac-Saint-Louis, boaters were out in numbers so great, it didn’t at all resemble a usual weekend in late September.

One apple orchard in L’Île-Perrot found itself swamped with people.

“It’s crazy,” said Erin Uchwat.

“It’s absolutely crazy busy in there. Tons of people in there. Have patience.”

Quinn Farms seemed to be on every parents’ list of activities to do this weekend.

“It’s probably 35, 4000 people today,” said Phil Quinn, who owns the farm.

Quinn says there’s usually at least one nice weekend between now and the end of October.

The result: scores of families getting together to pick apples.

“It’s beautiful, about 25 degrees and not a cloud in the sky,” said Chris Maynard.

Mother of two, Carrie Libling couldn’t agree more.

“A week ago we were sending the kids in jackets and sweatshirts,” she said. “And now they’re in shorts.”

As families walked among the trees picking Corlands and Mackintoshes, kids were already making more plans of all the things they want to do on this sunny weekend.

“Hanging outside, going to the park,” said 9-year-old Zane Ramsey.

“Riding my bicycle with my dad.”

Though Montrealers seemed to revel in such a beautiful weekend, the age-old question wasn’t far from everyone’s mind – how long can all this last?

“Prolong summer as much as possible,” said Libling.

“Once winter comes, it’s going to be the T-Rex of winters. So the longer this goes the better.”

After all, with winter always just around the corner, Montrealers know how to take full advantage when the weather’s nice.

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