Fishing boat with 7 people on board overturns off Galiano Island

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VANCOUVER – Five children and two adults are recovering today after a late-night rescue.

Just after 8 p.m. Monday night a 30-foot fishing vessel with the seven people on board overturned two miles off Galiano Island, close to Valdes Island.

“The people aboard had a handheld radio, that’s why this story is ending so well,” said acting Acting Sub-Lt. Ron MacDougall from Canadian Forces Base Comox.


A hovercraft, two BC Ferries, the Canadian Coast Guard, and auxiliary vessels all responded. The first to get there was hovercraft from Sea Island in Richmond and all seven were pulled to safety.

Acting Captain Tom Moxey with Canadian Coast Guard says the family departed from Delta and was headed for Kelsey Bay to relocate their home.

They had all of their home belongings on board.

Moxey says when the coast guard arrived, the family was scattered around in the water, hanging on to whatever they could grab.

The boat was almost fully submerged.

The occupants were in the water for about 45 minutes to an hour and suffered mild to moderate hypothermia.

“If this was winter time, it would have been different,” says Moxey.

Shortly after that the Fast Rescue Craft from the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue Station 29 was on scene, the Coast Guard Lifeboat Cape Naden arrived. Both vessels searched for the overturned boat and any pollution in the water. The semi-submerged vessel was found and the RCMSAR 29 crew towed it to a safe harbour while the Cape Naden worked to recover floating debris.

It’s still unclear how the incident happened.

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Jane Fonda opens up about Canadian mother’s sex abuse, suicide

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TORONTO —; Jane Fonda made headlines this week after she opened up to an audience of activists and philanthropists in California about her Canadian mother’s sexual abuse and suicide.

But it wasn’t the first time Fonda talked about her mother’s pain.


In a video recorded in 2012 to support Eve Ensler’s 1 Billion Rising campaign, Fonda revealed her mother was sexually abused when she was 8 years old.

“It damaged her life forever,” the actress said. “She was never able to really love or not to feel guilty.”

Fonda also said her mother Frances Ford Seymour killed herself at 42 “and those two things are related.”

READ MORE: Pamela Anderson reveals she was molested as a child, raped in her teens

At an event on Sept. 28 in Beverly Hills marking the 40th anniversary of the Rape Treatment Center, Fonda explained she learned about her mother’s sexual abuse while reviewing medical records.

“The minute that I read that, everything fell into place,” Fonda recalled. “I knew why the promiscuity, the endless plastic surgery, the guilt, the inability to love or be intimate, and I was able to forgive her and forgive myself.”

Fonda, 76, was introduced at the Beverly Hills luncheon by her friend and 9 to 5 co-star Lily Tomlin. Toronto-born actor Eric McCormack was another speaker at the event.

Seymour, who was born in Brockville, Ont. in 1908, was the second wife of actor Henry Fonda. According to Jane Fonda’s 2005 memoir My Life So Far, Seymour had a history of mental illness. She took her life —; when Jane was only 12 —; while a patient at a mental health facility in Beacon, New York.

“Mother wrote six notes,” Fonda recalled in the book. “Then she went into her bathroom … carefully withdrew the razor she’d managed to keep hidden, and cut her throat.”

If you, a family member or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, or you believe they may be suffering from severe depression and/or anxiety, there are many organizations available to help including the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention. 

– with files by The Associated Press

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Competition Bureau calls for more regulation to cut wireless roaming rates

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GATINEAU, Que. – Canada’s competition watchdog says consumers would benefit from the introduction of a new national wireless carrier.

But the Competition Bureau says regulators need to do more than simply capping roaming rates to prevent the big three wireless carriers from stifling any new competition.

The bureau was the first to appear at public hearings that began today into the health of Canada’s wholesale wireless market.


The CRTC is examining whether more regulation is needed to taper or cap the wholesale rates cellphone carriers charge other wireless companies to allow their customers to roam outside of their home networks.

MORE: Lower wireless bills for Christmas? CRTC mulls cheaper rates

And while the commission is not examining the roaming rates consumers pay, bureau senior economist Patrick Hughes told the hearings that wholesale and retail markets are inherently linked.

As the hearings got underway, at least one think tank questioned whether the CRTC should do anything at all to affect the wholesale roaming market.

The Montreal Economic Institute says, despite the impression of some Canadians that they pay among the highest cellphone roaming rates, consumers in many other countries pay more.

Still, the Competition Bureau told the CRTC there is evidence that the profit margins of the major wireless carriers are higher than they should be.

The Harper government has repeatedly tried – so far unsuccessfully – to entice a fourth national player to set up a wireless service in Canada to compete against Bell, Rogers and Telus.

The government’s argument has been that more competition would result in lower consumer prices.

The Competition Bureau agreed, saying a fourth national carrier would increase choice and reduce retail wireless prices by about two per cent.

Quebecor Inc. has suggested the wholesale roaming rates it pays to piggy back on a major carrier’s cellphone towers may prevent it from expanding its mobile business.

Other smaller carriers have also said roaming rates are a major factor affecting their ability to compete.

But Rogers Communications Inc. (TSX:RCI.B), BCE Inc. (TSX:BCE) and Telus Corp. (TSX:T) maintain that further regulation would hinder their ability to invest in improvements to their own wireless networks.

Ottawa has already passed legislation capping the rates carriers can charge on a wholesale basis at no more than what they charge their customers at the retail level, pending the outcome of this week’s hearings.

Montreal-based Cogeco Cable Inc. (TSX:CCA), which is hoping to offer wireless services without building its own cell tower network, is expected to ask the CRTC to adopt new rules to allow for the creation of what are known as mobile virtual networks, effectively giving smaller carriers access to large players’ spectrum and cell towers.

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Task force calls on Canada, Mexico and U.S. to rethink, renew relations for a new North America

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Watch: Former U.S. Gen. David Petraeus and former head of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick, discuss their vision for a more unified North America, first presented in a task force report.

OTTAWA — Canada, the United States and Mexico need to begin integrating policies with one another as the three focus on building an economically viable and secure North America, a recent report published by two high profile American leaders says.


While overall strengthening of the trilateral relationship is key, task force co-chairs Gen. (Ret’d) David Petraeus and former World Bank President Robert Zoellick highlighted four vital areas that need work: energy, economic competitiveness, security and community.

Successful integration on those fronts would, in essence, create a new North America; three separate countries, once competing against each other, joining forces.

READ MORE: From the Halifax security forum, Tom Clark ponders the idea of ‘Fortress North America’

“Let’s talk about the biggest of the big ideas in the task force report,” Petraeus said in an interview on The West Block with Tom Clark. “It’s really about the United States paying more attention to its number one and two trading partners.”

The old “Fortress North America” worldview has been getting renewed attention as Canada and the U.S. both become targets of international terrorist threats.

The concept is a hangover from the Second World War and Cold War, a term used when imagining how the two countries might operate if the rest of the world succumbed to communism.

Today, the idea includes Mexico, and revolves around securing the continent and pushing out the perimeters of all three countries.

READ MORE: Defence and security officials discuss ups and downs of ‘Fortress North America’

But to accomplish that, the three would have to demonstrate more cooperation on immigration rules, and Canada and the U.S. would both have to help Mexico with its crime problems, Zoellick and Petraeus wrote.

Economically, the three would work together, as a block, pushing trade deals around the globe, they said.

On the energy front, the new North America would be fully integrated, including oil and gas. That means building something like the controversial proposed Keystone XL pipeline, and increasing electricity grids.

Mexico poses a unique challenge to that aspect on account of its internal issues with the rule of law, the report read.

WATCH: Last month, U.S. Senators Tim Kaine and John McCain weighed in on the greatest threats to the continent’s security.

“With respect to security, certainly we would like to be trilateral where we can, but we will be bilateral where we must,” said Petraeus, who commanded forces on the ground in Iraq and later in Afghanistan. “But certainly envisioning a day where protection could start at the outer borders of out three countries, rather than that focus tat has always been on the borders between us.”

In the decade following the September 11 attacks in the United States, U.S. border management was not conducted at the “lowest reasonable cost,” the report read.

That, the authors wrote, caused harm and unnecessary losses for all three countries.

“The U.S. government and its Canadian and Mexican partners should pursue a process of continuous border innovation,” the authors wrote.

READ MORE: Ottawa quietly taking another look at ballistic missile defence

Part of that innovation, as imagined by Petraeus and Zoellick, would include “broadening the borders” of each country and establishing an understanding that if someone crosses into one of the three countries, they are considered accepted into the other two as well.

“The key notion here is how we can operate more effectively as a continent,” Zoellick said in an interview. “How can we integrate to be more effective as a North America?”

Both Zoellick and Petraeus said they believe NAFTA, implemented 14 years ago, was critical in terms of putting rules and procedures in place, but now it’s time to take the agreement a step further.

Adding Mexico to the free trade agreement, Zoellick said, helped establish a “special connection” with Latin America.

“It’s the pivot, if you will, in terms of Latin American developments,” he said. “So when we think about security, I think it’s important to broaden it beyond the traditional notion. Mexico will be an important part of our future. Three democracies, 500 million people. Lots of capabilities.”

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Man who shot John Paul II lays flowers on his Vatican tomb

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VATICAN CITY – The Turkish gunman who shot and wounded John Paul II in 1981 laid white flowers Saturday on the saint’s tomb in St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican officials said.

A Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Ciro Benedettini, said the surprise visit by Mehmet Ali Agca, believed to be his first time in the Vatican since the assassination attempt, lasted a few minutes. As with other flowers left by visitors to the tomb, the blossoms were later removed by basilica workers.



  • Pope Francis urges governments to do more to end modern-day slavery

  • Pope embraces children with autism as he seeks end to their isolation and stigma

    Pope embraces Big Bang, says God is not a ‘magician’

  • Vatican to install showers for homeless

    WATCH: Pope celebrates Christmas Eve Mass, calls Iraqi refugees to offer solidarity

    Benedettini said there are no legal matters pending against Agca in the Vatican and he was free to visit.

    In 1983, John Paul, who pardoned his attacker, visited Agca in a Rome prison and later intervened to gain Agca’s release in 2000. Agca was extradited to Turkey For the 1979 killing of a Turkish journalist and he completed a 10-year sentence there in 2010.

    When Agca was apprehended after shooting the pontiff in St. Peter’s Square during a public audience, the Turk said he acted alone. Later he suggested Bulgaria and the Soviet secret services masterminded the attack on the Polish-born pontiff, whose championing of the Polish Solidarity labour movement alarmed Moscow.

    WATCH: Vatican to declare former Pope John Paul II saint

    Twice, Italian juries acquitted three Bulgarians and three Turks of alleged roles in the shooting. Agca has often given contradictory accounts and has claimed to be a Messiah.

    Italian TV ran a brief video of the tomb visit, apparently filmed by an Italian journalist accompanying Agca in the basilica. The Turk is heard to mumble, “A thousand thanks, saint,” and “Long live Jesus Christ.”

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Man charged following officer-involved shooting in Whitecourt

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EDMONTON – A 30-year-old man has been charged with numerous offences after an officer-involved shooting in Whitecourt on Friday night.

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team was called in to investigate the shooting, which was the second officer-involved shooting in as many days in the province, after two RCMP members shot at a suspect during a traffic stop in Whitecourt.



  • ASIRT investigates officer-involved shooting in Redcliff

  • ASIRT investigating officer-involved shooting near Red Deer

  • ASIRT concludes St. Paul shooter killed himself, clears police of wrongdoing

    RCMP say two police vehicles were involved in the traffic stop around 10:15 p.m. Friday. The 30-year-old man was driving the vehicle, which was later determined to be stolen. There was also a 25-year-old female passenger in the vehicle.

    According to ASIRT, the suspect vehicle collided with two marked police vehicles as it fled the scene. Officers fired at the vehicle “numerous times,” ASIRT said. The vehicle collided with another nearby vehicle before it was stopped by RCMP.

    The driver of the vehicle sustained non-life threatening gunshot wounds to his left forearm and bicep. .

    The passenger of the vehicle was treated for minor injuries and released.

    ASIRT says after fleeing the vehicle stop, the driver became “involved in incidents with unrelated citizens” before being apprehended by RCMP.

    Sunday morning, RCMP said Luke Louis Kock had been charged with three counts of assaulting a police officer with a weapon (the vehicle), one count of flight from police, one count of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, one count of possession of stolen property over $5,000 and two provincial violations.

    Kock remained in hospital Sunday in stable condition. Once Kock is released he will be taken into police custody pending a provincial court appearance in Whitecourt on Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015.

    This is the second officer-involved shooting in Alberta this week. On Christmas Day, a man was shot by RCMP officer who responded to a complaint of an apparent ATM robbery at a bank in Vegreville.

    *Editor’s note: This story was originally published on Saturday, Dec. 27, 2014. It was updated at 11:04 a.m. Sunday to include information about charges. 

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Les Coteaux fire: 8-year-old survivor emerges from coma Christmas Day

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Watch above: An 8-year-old boy woke up from his coma on Christmas night, two days after the fire that claimed the lives of his parents and two siblings.

MONTREAL – Mathis, the sole survivor of a tragic apartment fire in Les Coteaux, Que. on December 23, regained consciousness on Christmas Day.



  • Massive safety-awareness fire drill planned for Montreal

    The 8-year-old-boy had been in a coma since the night of the devastating fire that claimed the lives of his father Patrick Gagnon, his mother Karine Desrochers Gauthier, his two-year-old brother Felix and his four-year-old sister Lorie.

    READ MORE: 2-year-old son latest Les Coteaux fire victim

    According to a report on TVA  Nouvelles, the first thing the little boy wanted to know upon waking up was who was going to take care of him now that he was an orphan.

    Global News has learned that Karine Desrochers Gauthier’s sister and her partner will be taking Mathis home when he is strong enough to be released from hospital.

    While the town mourns the loss of a family, local firefighters have organized a fundraising campaign for Mathis.

    On Dec. 28, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., firefighters will be collecting donations at the intersection of Highway 338 and Montee du Comté, in Les Coteaux, a municipality just west of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, near the Ontario border.

    For more information on the fundraising efforts or if you would like to donate, please click here.

    While the exact cause of the fire is still unknown, investigators believe that a forgotten cigarette may be to blame.

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Elderly man dies after rollover in the northeast

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WATCH ABOVE: Police investigate a fatal crash in the northeast. The rollover killed an elderly man and shut down parts of 16th avenue for several hours. Tracy Nagai reports.

CALGARY- An elderly man was rushed to hospital in life threatening condition Saturday morning where he later died from his injuries, after a rollover in the city’s northeast.

An on-duty officer witnessed the crash around 9:30 a.m. on Saturday at 16 Ave. near 52 St. NE.

Police say it suddenly lost control and rolled.



  • Two injured in West Kelowna rollover

  • Calgary man dead after rollover near Pierceland, Sask.

    Firefighters then use the jaws of life to free the man in his 80’s trapped in the back seat.

    The driver, a man in his 50’s made it out of the vehicle with help from police and escaped with minor injuries.

    A woman in her late 70’s was taken to the foothills with serious injuries.

    “The vehicle was quite crumpled and given the nature of how the vehicle landed on its roof, it had to be done very, very, carefully to get him out. There was very little space to work around the way he was trapped inside the vehicle,” Stuart Brideaux from EMS said.

    Down the road, westbound 16th avenue was shut down.

    Investigators continue to piece together the moments before the crash and a key witness may help immensely.

    “The vehicle rollover was observed by one of our patrol units as it was just in the middle of the accident,” Staff Sgt. Paul Wozney with Calgary Police said.

    Paramedics began CPR on the 80-year-old man and then he was rushed into the ambulance.

    His injuries left him in critical, life threatening condition. He died in hospital Saturday afternoon.

    “It appears at this time, all were wearing seat belts. We did have to unclasp that to get the elderly male out of his seat. However, how the vehicle landed and what factors precipitated it  the damage was substantial,” Brideaux says.

    At this time, alcohol is not believed to be a factor in the crash.

    Police say the three people in the truck are related to each other.

    Police continue to investigate but said the road was a bit slippery and covered with frost.

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Al-Shabab leader surrenders in Somalia: Official

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NAIROBI, Kenya – A leader with the Islamic extremist group al-Shabab, who had a $3 million bounty on his head, surrendered in Somalia, a Somali intelligence official said Saturday.

Zakariya Ismail Ahmed Hersi surrendered to Somali police in the Gedo region, said the intelligence officer, who insisted on anonymity because he is not authorized to speak to the press.



  • Official: 5 militants dead after attacking African Union base in Mogadishu

  • Suicide bomber rams explosive-laden truck into UN convoy in Somalia

    READ MORE: Somali Islamic extremist group al-Shabab names new leader

    Hersi may have surrendered because he fell out with those loyal to Ahmed Abdi Godane, al-Shabab’s top leader who was killed in a U.S. airstrike earlier this year, the officer said.

    Hersi was one of seven top al-Shabab officials whom the Obama administration offered a total $33 million in rewards for information leading to their capture in 2012. It is not clear if the reward will be paid out for Hersi because he surrendered.

    Despite major setbacks in 2014, al-Shabab remains a threat in Somalia and the East African region. The group has carried out many terror attacks in Somalia and some in neighbouring countries including Kenya, whose armies are part of the African Union troops bolstering Somalia’s weak U.N.- backed government.

    READ MORE: Al-Shabab militants kill 28 non-Muslims on Kenyan bus

    On Christmas day al-Shabab launched an attack at the African Union base in Mogadishu. Nine people died, including three African Union soldiers, in the attack on the complex, which also houses U.N. offices and western embassies. Al-Shabab said the attack was aimed at a Christmas party and was in retaliation for the killing of the group’s leader Godane.

    Al-Shabab also claimed that 14 soldiers were killed but the group often exaggerates the number of people it kills.

    Al-Shabab is waging an Islamic insurgency against Somalia’s government that is attempting to rebuild the country after decades of conflict.

    Al-Shabab controlled much of Mogadishu during the years 2007 to 2011, but was pushed out of Somalia’s capital and other major cities by African Union forces. The United States and the U.N. warn that political infighting in Somalia is putting at risk the security gains. The federal government remains weak and wields little power outside the capital Mogadishu.

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Your Saskatchewan: December 2014

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Every weeknight on News Hour Final and weekends on News Final, we feature a viewer submitted photo for Your Saskatchewan.

To submit a picture for Your Saskatchewan, email to [email protected]苏州美甲美睫培训论坛.

Pictures should be at least 920 pixels wide and in jpeg format.

Dec. 1: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Suzanne N. of someone taking snow removal on his street into his own hands in Saskatoon.

Suzanne N. / Viewer Submitted

Dec. 2: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Elaine McMillan in Prince Albert.

Elaine McMillan / Viewer Submitted

Dec. 3: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Suzy Pilat of a sundog at Glaslyn.

Suzy Pilat / Viewer Submitted

Dec. 4: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Jorge Hofer at Dinsmore.

Jorge Hofer / Viewer Submitted

Dec. 5: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Garett Maurice of the Churchill River at Patuanak.

Garett Maurice / Viewer Submitted

Dec. 6: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Rosemarie Bautista in Saskatoon.

Rosemarie Bautista / Viewer Supplied

Dec. 7: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Brad Gardiner in Beauval.

Brad Gardiner / Viewer Supplied

Dec. 8: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Jan Elder near Grandora.

Jan Elder / Viewer Submitted

Dec. 10: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Darren Schatz in Saskatoon.

Darren Schatz / Viewer Submitted

Dec. 11: Tonight’s Your SK was taken by Cari Perih of her shoveled off slough ready for her daughter to play hockey on at Biggar.

Cari Perih / Viewer Submitted

Dec. 12: Tonight’s Your SK was taken by Glen Booker at Stony Rapids.

Glen Booker / Viewer Submitted

Dec. 13: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Amanda Risling in Wilkie.

Amanda Risling / Viewer Supplied

Dec. 14: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Theresa Letendre in Leask.

Theresa Letendre / Viewer Supplied

Dec. 15: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Carrie Smith in Delisle.

Carrie Smith / Viewer Submitted

Dec. 16: This Your Saskatchewan picture was taken by Carleen Antonenko, who snapped this photo from her bedroom of a deer standing on its back feet eating bird food at Candle Lake.

Carleen Antonenko / Viewer Submitted

Dec. 17: This Your Saskatchewan picture was taken by Sherilee Diebold-Cooze of her friend riding her Gypsy Cross horse at Smuts Lake on a warm December day.

Sherilee Diebold-Cooze / Viewer Submitted

Dec. 18: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Ashley Yurchi over Borden.

Ashley Yurchi / Viewer Submitted

Dec. 19: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Trudy Tarasoff looking west along 20th Street in Saskatoon.

Trudy Tarasoff / Viewer Submitted

Dec. 20: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Susan Forty in Lloydminster.

Susan Forty / Viewer Submitted

Dec. 21: This Your Saskatchewan picture was taken by Reba McNeill near Wiseton.

Reba McNeill / Viewer Submitted

Dec. 22: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Sue Brown in Saskatoon.

Sue Brown / Viewer Submitted

Dec. 24: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Wendy Trask in the R.M. of Corman Park.

Wendy Trask / Viewer Supplied

Dec. 25: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Deserée Wiebe in Saskatoon.

Deserée Wiebe / Viewer Supplied

Dec. 27: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Tracy Roberts in Hanley.

Tracy Roberts / Viewer Supplied

Dec. 28: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Sherry Myers in Saskatoon.

Sherry Myers / Viewer Supplied

Dec. 29: Craig Boehm snapped this Your Saskatchewan photo near Regina.

Craig Boehm / Viewer Submitted

Dec. 30: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Cheryl Hare near Rosetown.

Cheryl Hare / Viewer Submitted

Dec. 31: Lynn Dutton snapped this Your Saskatchewan photo near Gull Lake.

Lynn Dutton / Viewer Submitted



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  • Your Saskatchewan: October 2014

  • Your Saskatchewan: September 2014

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B.C.’s Julio Montaner, Wally Buono named to Order of Canada

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World-renowned HIV/AIDS researcher Julio Montaner and BC Lions general manager Wally Buono are two of six British Columbians named to the Order of Canada, the country’s highest civilian honour.


Montaner’s work includes pioneering an HIV cocktail that was adopted by the World Health Organization and the UNAIDS program in 2000. Earlier this year Montaner was selected for induction into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame.

Buono is the Canadian Football League’s all-time winningest coach, leading the Lions to Grey Cup wins in 2006 and 2011.

Other prominent Canadians who made the list include sports announcer Bob Cole, former Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney and singer Chantal Kreviazuk.

Here is a full list of 2014 additions and promotions in the Order of Canada:


James Douglas Fleck, Toronto. This is a promotion within the order.

Donald Malcolm McRae, Ottawa.

Richard W. Pound, Montreal. This is a promotion within the order.


Albert Bandar, Stanford, Calif. and Mundare, Alta.

Jean-Louis Baudouin, Montreal.

Mark Carney, London, U.K. and Ottawa.

Catherine Frazee, Canning, N.S.

Shaf Keshavjee, Toronto.

Mark Lautens, Toronto.

Wendy Levinson, Toronto.

Norman Emilio Marcon, Toronto.

James Rodger Miller, Saskatoon, Sask.

Peter Milliken, Elginburg, Ont.

Julio Montaner, Vancouver, B.C.

Nancy Margaret Reid, Toronto.

Eleanor Wachtel, Toronto. This is a promotion within the order.


Caroline Andrew, Ottawa.

Jean-Pierre Andrieux, St. John’s, N.L.

Jacob Austin, Vancouver, B.C.

Baidar Bakht, Scarborough, Ont.

Denis Brott, Saint-Sauveur, Que.

Lisa Brown, Toronto.

Wally Buono, Surrey, B.C.

Peter Calamai, Ottawa.

Christina Stuart Cameron, Ottawa.

Wendy Marion Cecil, Toronto.

Brenda Clark, Port Hope, Ont.

Robert Cecil Cole, St. John’s, N.L.

Tim Cook, Ottawa.

George Cope, Toronto.

Robert W. Cox, Toronto and Waterloo, Ont.

A. Gordon Craig, Toronto.

John W. Crichton, Manotick, Ont.

Conrad Charles Daellenbach, Toronto.

Patrick Dolan Darrah, Saint John, N.B.

Michael DeGagné, North Bay, Ont. and Ottawa.

Jean-Guy Desjardins, Westmount, Que.

Alba DiCenso, Campbellville, Ont.

Edgar J. Dosman, Toronto.

Joanne M. Sullivan Douglas, Vancouver, B.C.

Barry V. Downs, Vancouver, B.C.

Louise Dupré, Montreal.

Simon Durivage, Montreal.

Kappy Flanders, Montreal.

Charles Foran, Toronto.

Julia E. Foster, Toronto.

Raymonde Gagné, Winnipeg.

Brenda Louise Gallie, Toronto.

Serge Gauthier, Montreal.

Aurélien Gill, Mashteuiatsh, Que.

James K. Gordon, Sudbury, Ont.

William C. Graham, Toronto.

John Grew, Montreal.

Christophe Guy, Montreal.

Thomas Jon Harle, Ottawa.

Frank Hasenfratz, Guelph, Ont.

Adèle M. Hurley, Toronto.

Joan F. Ivory, Westmount, Que.

Patrick Johnston, Roslin, Ont.

John G. Kelton, Dundas, Ont.

Sheldon Kennedy, Calgary, Alta.

Laurence Klotz, Toronto.

Chantal Kreviazuk, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. and Toronto.

Normand Laprise, Mont-Royal, Que.

John Barker Lawson, Toronto.

Suzie LeBlanc, Montreal.

Grégoire Legendre, Québec City.

Jens Lindemann, Pacific Palisades, California, U.S. A. and Edmonton, Alta.

Keith MacLellan, Bristol, Que.

Michael I. M. MacMillan, Toronto.

Raine Maida, Los Angeles, California, U.S. A. and Toronto.

Thomas J. Marrie, Halifax.

John G. McAvity, Ottawa.

Susan McGrath, Toronto.

Jeremy Nichol McNeil, London, Ont.

Michael A. Meighen, Toronto.

Robert Mellin, St. John’s, N.L.

Diane Morin, Charlemagne, Que.

Russell J. Morrison, Toronto.

Peter Ernest Murdoch, Roxboro, Que.

Dan Needles, Ottawa.

Cal Nichols, Edmonton.

John Palmer, Toronto.

Charles E. Pascal, Toronto.

Michael Phillips, Shanghai, China and Hamilton, Ont.

Ervin Podgorsak, Brossard, Que.

John R. Porter, Quebec City.

Gary Slaight, Toronto.

H. Olav Slaymaker, Vancouver, B.C.

Robyn Tamblyn, Montreal.

Jean-Claude Tardif, Montreal.

Lorraine Vaillancourt, Montreal.

Eric Robert Walters, Mississauga, Ont.

H. Bruce Williams, Montreal.

Catherine Zahn, Toronto.

-with files from Canadian Press

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Police investigate alleged sexual assault in Brentwood

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WATCH ABOVE: Calgary Police are warning women across the city about a man believed to be responsible for a sexual assault in the northwest last night. Police say it happened near the Brentwood LRT station early Friday evening as the woman was leaving the train. Carolyn Kury de Castillo reports.

CALGARY- Police continue to search for a suspect in an alleged sexual assault in Brentwood.

Officers were called to the area near the Brentwood Shopping Centre around 7 p.m. on Friday.



  • Police looking for information in sexual assault case

    Police say a woman was allegedly attacked by an unknown male.

    The victim was leaving the Brentwood LRT station and walked a short distance toward Brentwood Road N.W. when she noticed a man was walking behind her.

    Police said the man then grabbed her from behind and dragged her to a nearby alley. The woman fell to the ground and the man struck her in the head.

    She screamed loud while fighting back and was able to run away.

    EMS attended the scene, but the woman refused transport or treatment of any kind.

    Police searched the area for a suspect, but so far no arrests have been made.

    Police are asking for the public’s assistance, if anyone heard the victim or saw the incident Friday night to call police.

    The site of the alleged attack is a relatively busy path used by shoppers and commuters coming off the train.

    “That’s what they were saying to about having the train run all the way to Tuscany because that kind of brings whoever like you don’t know right.”

    People who live next to the alley say they’re used to seeing to suspicious looking characters hanging around.

    Those who ride the train say more security at the station would help, especially considering the number of young female students who pass through here.

    “Oh I would say there should be some train security especially at night and if you think about it, with SAIT and the university here there are kids around and lots of people partying and just having fun so you never know when you’re drunk you don’t know what’s going on around you,” one train rider said.

    Police are cautioning people to stay in well lit, populated areas and minimize using cell phones and listening to music while walking at night.

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Slayings of NYC police officers touched ‘soul’ of nation: Biden

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WATCH ABOVE:  New York police officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were gunned down in their cruiser last week. The shooting underscores tensions being felt after weeks of anti-police violence protests in several U.S. cities. Mike le Couteur reports.



  • Feud between NYPD, mayor takes to new heights: Plane hauls anti-de Blasio banner

  • Moment of silence held in New York for 2 slain NYPD officers

  • A look at the 2 NYC officers killed in ambush

    NEW YORK – Vice-President Joe Biden told thousands of people gathered Saturday for the funeral of a New York police officer killed along with his partner in an ambush shooting that their deaths “touched the soul of an entire nation.”

    Biden addressed hundreds of police officers, family and friends of Officer Rafael Ramos inside the Christ Tabernacle Church in the borough of Queens and thousands more outside who came from across the U.S.

    READ MORE: A look at the 2 NYC officers killed in ambush

    Officers watching the funeral service on giant screens joined those inside in applauding when Biden called the New York Police Department the finest in the world.

    “When an assassin’s bullet targeted two officers, it targeted this city and it touched the soul of an entire nation,” the vice-president said.

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the Dec. 20 daylight shootings of the officers as they sat in their cruiser on a Brooklyn street was “an attack on all of us.”

    The attack shook the city and put a halt to large-scale local protests criticizing police over a series of high-profile deaths of unarmed black men.

    WATCH ABOVE: N.Y. Mayor de Blasio speaks at the funeral for NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos

    Funeral plans for Ramos’ partner, Officer Wenjian Liu, have yet to be announced.

    “Law enforcement isn’t just your own department; it runs deep,” said Lt. Chris Thibault of the Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, Police Department.

    When the Ramos family arrived, the eldest son – wearing his father’s New York Police Department jacket – was hugged by a police officer.

    Ramos was described Friday during an eight-hour wake as a selfless, caring and compassionate man.

    “What happened to my father was a tragedy,” Ramos’ son, Justin, said in a tearful eulogy viewed by hundreds of officers in the street who watched on giant television screens outside the crowded church. “But his death will not be in vain.”

    Ramos, a 40-year-old married father of two, was studying to become a pastor and kept Bible study books in his locker, his commanding officer said.

    WATCH: Ramos family and community members speak

    Officer Dustin Lindaman of the Waterloo Police Department flew from Iowa to attend Ramos’ funeral.

    “He’s one of our brothers, and when this happens, it affects everyone in law enforcement – it absolutely affects everyone,” he said. “We wanted to show our support.”

    After the death of the officers on a street in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant section, the gunman, Ismaaiyl Brinsley killed himself. Police said he was troubled and had shot and wounded an ex-girlfriend in Baltimore earlier that day.

    In online posts shortly before the attack, Brinsley referenced the killings of two unarmed black men – Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Garner in the New York borough of Staten Island – by white police officers.

    Police union officials have said New York Mayor Bill de Blasio contributed to a climate of mistrust toward police amid protests over the deaths of Brown and Garner. At a hospital after the shooting, the police union’s president, Patrick Lynch, and others turned their backs on the mayor in a sign of disrespect. Lynch blamed the mayor then for the officers’ deaths and said he had blood on his hands.

    Weeks before the shooting, Lynch suggested that officers sign a petition requesting that the mayor not attend their funerals were they to die in the line of duty.

    Cardinal Timothy Dolan and others have since tried to temper the rhetoric.

    WATCH: Halt protests, political debate until after police funerals: NYC mayor

    De Blasio has stood firmly by the police since the shooting, calling on the demonstrators to temporarily halt their protests and praising officers after the police department announced the arrest of a seventh person since the shooting for making threats against police.

    There was no noticeable reaction from police outside the church when de Blasio arrived Saturday about a half hour before services.

    A block from the church, though, retired NYPD Officer John Mangan held a sign that read: “God Bless the NYPD. Dump de Blasio.”

    “If the mayor really wanted to do the right thing, he would have gotten into an NYPD car and rode around Bed Stuy and see the difficult jobs these cops do every day,” Mangan said, referring to a neighbourhood in Brooklyn. “The bottom line is there should be more signs out here in support of these cops.”

    Ramos and Liu were the first officers to die in the line of duty in New York since 2011.

    They have both been posthumously promoted to first-grade detective, police said.

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